Himeji Castle and Mt.Fuji painting

by Gyokunen 玉稔

New Work

◆Himeji Castle and Mt. Fuji paintings for sale◆
◆Special offer for tourists to Japan◆

When Mt. Fuji is registered as one of the UNESCO World Heritage couple years ago, many people asked me to draw Mt. Fuji paintings.

Mt. Fuji is a symbolic icon of Japan for thousands of years, its seen on many of Japanese historic paintings and quoted in ancient poetry, waka and tanka.
It is believed as a sacred place by Japanese people for generations.

Himeji Castle, which is also registered as the UNESCO World Heritage in 1993, is a masterpiece example of Japanese castles constructed through samurai-era.
It shows a perfect balance of features such as a main building, sub buildings, moats, stonewalling, garden and forest.
It also gives you a perfect shape from the artistic point of view.

Summer 4years ago, When I took Australian guests to a tour of Himeji Castle, They wanted to have paintings instead of photographs. So I painted it. for their souvenir.
And on the other day, I had a chance to show my works near the castle. I met a tourist from France and he was so interested in my pictures of Himeji castle. He was on a week long round trip through western Japan, so I decided to give him my painting when he get back to Himeji.

I made it on 3mm thick plywood, well sized to fit the bottom of suitcase. He was very happy to take my painting with him.

Through these experiences, I just realized those paintings are much appreciated by visitors from foreign countries, and they are on sale now.
I can draw Mt. Fuji, Himeji Castle, and variety of other beautiful scenery of pan-pacific countries and islands I have visited.

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Spring has came
HC-001 3000yen
HC-002 3000yen
good day for cherry blossoms
HC-003 3000yen
at the dawn
HC-004 3000yen
eary summer in Himeji
HC-005 4000yen
Sunset at Himeji Castle
HC-006 4000yen
Castle over cherry blossoms
HC-007 4000yen
Dawn at Mount Fuji
MF-001 3000yen

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