Membership Information

To be a member of America Health Club, have your training wear, shoes, towel and most importantly, have your mind ready!

Registration Fee M'ship Fee Annual feel Total
1month JPY10.500 JPY8.400 JPY 5.250 JPY24.150
3months - JPY24.150 JPY 5.250 JPY29.400
12months - JPY84.000 JPY 5.250 JPY89.250
Visitor JPY2.100 per visit

For Those who can not come to Gym but still wanting proper schadule and advice.
No gyms around your place? Wanna train yourself at home?
Grab the phone and call AHC for your personalized email training program.
We Email you, or FAX you the training schedure to suit your goal.

Registration fee:\POCTOO
Annual fee for Schedure:PQCUOO

4times a year, every 3months, you'll get new training program.
Member of personalized mail training program can compete in Ms. & Mr. American Health annual contest
held on tha last sunday of July every year for \3.150

Registration Fee Fee M'ship Renewal (annual)
\1.050 \1.050/20min. \1.050

For more details and any inquiries

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Hyogo, 672-8043, JAPAN

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