Bodybuilding for Anti-Aging

A member of AHC (72y.o) who has overcome numbers of hardship such as
serious operation after heart attacks, kidney disorder, diabetes etc.

@\ Human being as an animal has evolved to move. Human body is made to be fit if you exercise. Magical prescription does exists in the gym. \

To avoid nursing in later years of your life, you'll need to maintain healthy body and certain level of strength of your muscle. In America, for example, various study and research have done and it is proved that body building is effective on improving elderly people's health and strength.
In fact it is common scenery in America that more than half of trainees in the gym are those who more than 60 years of age.

From my experience, regardless of age or gender, by stimulating muscles, the blood in your body will change its balance to activate every organs, hormones in your body. This will vitalize every cells in your body and as a result make your body healthier.

What I have heard at a seminar in the U.S. was that Japanese is now the most long-live nation in the world when measured in average longevity, but percentage of centenarian (those who over 100 y.o) to the population, There are three times as much of centenarians in the U.S. compared to Japan. More interestingly, the lecturer told that most of centenarians in Japan need at least some degrees of physical help or nursing in every day life whereas American centenarians in many cases, enjoy normal life without help or nursing from family or experts.

It is not a good idea that you do not take sufficient nutrition because you are old. Recently in U.S.A., many of middle and advanced age couples who want to prevent disease use restaurants which many of bodybuilders use.
In these kinds of restaurants, they serve low calorie, low cholesterol, high proteins, vitamins and minerals menues such as boiled or barbecue chicken breasts, boiled egg whites, boiled vegetables.
Those foods are called body-builders menu.



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