Celebrating winners in All-Japan championships:
Open class(right) and Masters over 50(left)

Although AHC's goal is to make people fit and healthy, some remarkable achievements are brought to AHC. For example, Two of our members Yukinori Miki (open class) and Toru Shoji (masters 50+) dominated 2 classes in August, 2000, at "Zennihon Shakaijin Senshuken", JSBB All-Japan Championships held in Tokyo.
It is genuinly a valuable honor to win 2 classes at a time in one competition. Both players did not do anything unusual, but kept train themselves in right way at right volume, which is carrying out the "training based on healthy body and healthy mind".
In September 1998, Toru Shoji also won Muscle Beach Venice Championships at Venice. CA.

Since its opening, number of athletes from base ball, foot ball, wrestling, Sumo, Judo, Karate, pro-wrestling, sprint, marathon, bycicle race, etc have trained at American Health Club and improved their performance and power.
We also hold body building contest, "Ms. & Mr. American Health" for gym members at the last sunday of July every year. Every year we invite top body builders from the world as a guest and with audiences, we're enjoying an international atomosphere.



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