Introduction: American Health Club

Minoru Nishikawa, Chairman, American Health Club
with 1983 Mr. Olympia, Samir Bannout.

American Health Club (AHC) was founded as "HIMEJI Body Building Centre" in 1968. It's one of the most historic Body building gym in Western Japan. The founder Minoru Nishikawa has been in body building industry for more than 30 years and during these time, he trained more than 10,000 people in Japan, Guam, Hawaii and mainland U.S. He also spent much time in the U.S., the home of body building, to learn and absorve the newest trend of body building while its earlier time of his gym. Now those trainees and friends in the U.S. became gym owner, health industory related person etc. This helped him being updated on real time body building trend in the U.S.
Building muscles with weight training gives you healthy body, not just bigger body. That is what he learned through his carrier.
Just about the same time when he became sure of the effect of bodybuilding on people's health, President Carter announced "Healthy People 2000" campaign in 1978 to improve nation's health consciousness.

Many of the elements what the U.S. government featured in "Healthy People 2000" have matched with my ideas on weight training and body building, which will not only develop muscles but also benefits human health with its effect on blood, hormone, organs, nerves and so on. This proved that where we are heading is not wrong and we are confident to say that training will bring your health.

In 1978, We changed our name to AMERICAN HEALTH CLUB. It was hinted from the U.S. where the idea that body buildong is not only a kind of competitive sport for young people, but also a health-developing tool for everyone, men and women, young and old, is penetrated to the people.Like the U.S., we believe we need to penetrate this idea in Japan.
We are continuously suggesting the solution for being healthy and prevent aging for aged people while providing a place to build up body of younger generations with the motto of "Developing muscle develops ypur health".



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